Modular Weighpads

The MV99B weigh pads are a complete portable weighing solution for overload control or loading activities. Businesses who might require this include: transporters, waste management, demolition, logging, aggregate, mining and farming. Weigh pads cannot be used like a weighbridge to invoice according to weight as they are not trade approved.

Each pad has a capacity of 15Ton. Calibrated as 30ton x 10kg. This far exceeds any commercial loaded truck axle.

Once the weight is stable, record this weight and proceed to weighing the next axle. When all the axles are weighed you can then add the weight together giving you the gross weight of the vehicle. If the optional advanced indicator is chosen the time, date, is printed, along with each axle result and a total.

Please note that these pads will not work on abnormal sized vehicles.

Technical Specifications (Slow Speed WIM)

Rated Output (mV/V) 0.9
Combined Error (%FS) 0.2
Non linearity(%FS) 0.1, 0.2
Non repeatability (%FS) 0.1
Creep(%FS/30Min) 0.1
Input Resistance(Ohm) 3120 ± 40
Output Resistance(Ohm) 2800 ± 10
Insulation Resistance (MOhm) 5000(50VDC)
Zero Balance(%FS) 400 ~ 1000
Temp effect Span(%FS/10 °C) 0.1
Temp effect on Zero (%FS/10 °C) 0.1
Temperature compensated (°C) -10 ~ ± 50
Temperature operating(°C) -40 ~ ± 80
Excitation recommended (V) 9~15DC
Max. Excitation(V) 20 DC
Safe Overload(%FS) 120
Ultimate Overload(%FS) 150
Protection class IP66
Cable spec 4-Wire Shielded
Max.load for Single point(t) 15t