Granite Weighbridge

FIRST South Indian Weighing Company having manufacturing facility of Weigh Bridges, Granite Scales, Weigh In Motion Scales and Weighing Scales under one roof. FIRST and the foremost Indian Weighing Industry having CE certification.


  • Designed exclusively for Granite and Steel Industry.
  • Unique Mounting system ensures better repeatability.
  • Fully welded platform of High Tensile Steel & JINDAL MAKE “I” beams.
  • Supported by Four number of DESB Load Cells from a Global leader.
  • Offers Best In Class Accuracy at a designated Load.
  • Civil Cost minimised to the lowest possible.
  • Ensures Global standards in manufacturing practices.
  • Robust Single module steel structure ensures ZERO deflection.

Technical Specifications (Slow Speed WIM)

Model No. Capacity Platform Size Accuracy Optional Accessories

MS 222 Granite Scale
80 MT 2x3mtr 20Kg

PC, Printer & UPS, Camera Systems, Additional Display, Std. Weights with Trolley
80 MT 4x3mtr 20Kg
100 MT 2x3mtr 20Kg
100 MT 4x3mtr 20Kg