Vehicle Positioning System

MVR technology has introduced Vehicle Positioning Sensor(VPS) for the first time in the Indian weighing industry to Prevent manipulation in truck scale as it is a prime need now a days. For this, MVR TECHNOLOGY has integrated vehicle positioning system with the intelligent terminal.

MG_VPS is an anti-theft solutions that ensures weighment of properly positioned vehicle only. "MG_VPS" is a set of special weighbridge intelligent terminal, IR sensors & their mounting accessories. Besides position checking, other unique features like Barr overloading, confidential weighment, empty platform checking are also available to ensure secured weighing process.

  • Weighment of properly positioned vehicles only
  • Suitable for both PIT type and PIT Less type weighbridge
  • Digital inputs for sensing entry, middle and exit position
  • 24v operated IR sensor-set
  • Easy installation using specially designed poles (mild steels)

Basic Hardware Features

  • Front mount 16x2 LCD display & 0.5inch LED display
  • On board memory to save 10lakh records
  • USB ports for Standard computer keyboard & pen drive
  • Centronics port for 80 column Dot matrix Printer
  • RS232 port for display/GSM modem/ continuous transmission of current weight
  • Table top port for connecting external wired displays

Sotware Features "Installation Privilage"

  • Initial LCD display message field settable as chosen by customer
  • 20 step software calibration with random load sequence
  • Smart Calibration
  • Calibration data restoring
  • Installation report

Sotware Features "WeightBridge Privilage"

  • Simple process for weighments of Tare/ Gross Vehicle weights
  • 10 entries in ticket for 25 characters each
  • 4 code banks for 100 codes each( Flexibility of setting)
  • Customer settable header, footer, signature lines
  • Facility to view/print earlier saved records according to RST no/ Vehicle no/Customer name
  • Multiple report option all/summary/filtered/serial no. Wise/date wise/time wise
  • Dumping of report into pen drive to avail softcopy of records (.xls)
  • Field settable Pre-printed tickets
  • SMS feature in 3 different ways
  • Net weight printing in words
  • Mandi Application feature of Rate, Amount, Binding material deduction etc.
  • Optional Features
  • Confidential Report
  • Inbuilt wireless for connecting wireless accessories (JB, display)
  • Graphical LCD display

Technical Specifications

Processor 32bit ARM Processor
Processor Clock Frequency 50 mHz
Real Time Clock On board battery backed RTC
RTC Clock frequency 32.768 khz
Memory On board to save 1 Lakh records
Power supply SMPS power supply
Input Voltage 90v to 270v AC @ 50Hz
Digital Input 3 numbers for connecting output of IR sensor
Protection 750ma fuse for input AC mains
Input line filter for EMI and RFI suppression
Spike suppressor for input transients
Opto-isolation of signals and I/Os for high immunity from electrical noise
Power Consumption 10 VA (approx.)
Conventional Speed Internal 25 samples per second
Load cell excitation 8V DC with current capability. Drive up to 12 load cells of 350ohms input resistance
Signal Sensitivity 0.3 micro volt per division of weight (unit weight)
Display 16 characters by 2 line LCD display with backlight for displaying Numerals and alphabets & 1/2" LED 7 segment red display to show weight
Keyboard Port 101-key with USB connector compatible keyboard.
USB Port USB Port configured for Pen Drive
Printer Port Isolated Centronics compatible printer port provided on rear panel for connecting 80-column dot matrix printer for printing of weighment record and reports
Serial port Isolated RS-232 serial port is Provided for continuous weight Transfer
Remote Display Port Remote display port is provided to Connect optional 1/2inch, 1 inch,2.3 inch or 4 inch bright red LED display to indicate the weight on the platform
Environment Operating temperature: 0℃ to 55℃
Humidity up to 95% RH non-condensing

Silent Features

  • Theft Prevention
  • Barring weighment of improper positioned vehicles
  • Barr overloading according to vehicle type
  • Preventing manipulation by loading vehicles back to back
  • Keeping track of vehicles passed without weighing

Scope of Supply

  • MG223-VPS
  • Pair of IR sensors (2/3 number)
  • 24V power supply
  • 6 poles