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Welcome to the India's Largest Weighbridge Manifacturing Company

Welcome To MVR Technology

As an initiation on Govt. of India's MAKE in INDIA policy and to make sure that the best in class products are manufactured we had built state of art manufacturing plant at Vinjanampaadu Village, Vatticherukuru Mandal, Guntur Dist. close by AMARAVATHI, the Capital of newly formed state, Andhra Pradesh. Ours is the single Largest manufacturing plant in India and the First of it's kind in the New state of Andhra Pradesh producing Weigh Bridges and Weighing Scales under one roof.

Our Products

Dyna Scale (PIT Less)

Unique Robust Modular Steel Structure ensures ZERO deflection for longer period. Minimised loss of Civil cost for shifting and reinstallation at a different location.

Dyna Scale (PIT)

Looking for immense load bearing strength with minimum of maintenance!, within limited space, then a Concrete weighbridge is the ideal choice.

Conquer Scale

Unique Rigid Modular Concrete Structure ensures ZERO deflection for ever. Designated Concentrated Loading Capacity (CLC) of over 40MT.

Optional Accessories

We supplies a complete range of optional accessories for all weighbridge needs, including remote displays, driver control stations and more.

Our Resources

Hydraulic NC Press Break

Hydraulic NC Press Brake machine is used in the manufacturing process. These press brakes are efficient, highly accurate and is designed for optimum rigidity.

MIG Welding

MIG welding has the ability to join a wide range of metals and thicknesses, all-position welding capability and a good weld bead with a minimum of weld splatter.

Shot Blasting & Paint Booth

Shot blasting is a method used to clean, polish and strengthen metals.Shot blasting leaves metallic surfaces ready for application of overlays or coatings.

Calibaration Weights

When installing a weighbridge installation engineer ensures that your weighbridge is ready for use in the shortest possible time with the help of Calibaration weights.